Rtrack 1.0.1 Unreleased

  • Added a function to conveniently subset the experiment object.
  • It is now possible to plot x-axis ticks in strategy and variable plots either by Day or by Trial.
  • Added the ability to suppress titles and x-axis ticks to the strategy and variable plots to enable further customisation.
  • The strategy plot now returns cumulative strategy use data to allow custom plots to be built.

Rtrack 1.0.0 2020-05-04

  • Fixed the case where plots failed if only one arena was used.
  • Added a missing variable in the summary output.

Rtrack 0.9.10 Unreleased

  • Ability to trim track files during reading added.
  • Catches case where plotting strategies in the absence of arena boundaries failed.

Rtrack 0.9.7 Unreleased

  • Path interpolation now implemented.
  • Bug preventing reading experiment descriptions from CSV or tab-delimited files fixed.
  • check_experiment now aware of all supported track formats.
  • identify_track_format now returns supported formats when called with NULL argument.
  • Determining format of plain text files now works properly.
  • read_path now returns a valid rtrack_path object of zero path length for empty tracks.
  • calculate_metrics checks for zero-length paths and skips them (returning NULL) to avoid disrupting batch processing.
  • Legend placement in variable plots improved.
  • Catches cases where path no initial trajectory can be calculated.
  • Web links updated to point to new SSL-secured (https) site.

Rtrack 0.9.6 2020-01-27

  • Added listing of supported formats when identify_track_format() is called with NULL argument.
  • Added support for header-free text files.
  • Bug fixed in ensuring no perseverance in absence of old goal.
  • Catches cases where path is of zero length (no tracking data was recorded). read_path() now fails with a warning in such cases.

Rtrack 0.9.3 2019-11-06

  • Version initially released to CRAN.