A helper utility to determine the raw data format.

identify_track_format(filename = NULL)



A raw data file containing path coordinates. If this is NULL or missing, then a message is given listing all of the possible format codes.


The format code as a character string. This code can be used as the

track.format parameter for read_path or in the

_TrackFileFormat column in the experiment description passed to


If the track format cannot be determined, NA is returned.

When run without a filename parameter, a character vector containing all supported format codes is invisibly returned.


Raw data from several sources can be read in directly. A number of formats are supported, but it might not be clear which format code corresponds to your data. This function can be run on a typical file to try to guess your file format. If the format is not recognised, please visit the help page at https://rupertoverall.net/Rtrack/help.html where it is also possible to request support for new formats.

See also

read_path, or read_experiment to read the track files.


track_file = system.file("extdata", "Track_1.tab", package = "Rtrack")
#> ✔ This track seems to be in the format 'raw.tab'.
#> [1] "raw.tab"