R Course
From 2013–2019 I have taught a practical course in data analysis and the statistical programming language R. This was a semester-long weekly series of 90-minute workshops consisting of lectures and hands-on coding work. This course is part of the International Master’s Program in Regenerative Biology and Medicine (RegBioMed) at the CRTD in Dresden, Germany.
Meetings and Summer Schools

2021 - Organiser (with Robert W Williams, Catherine Kaczorowski and Stefan Bonn) of the upcoming Summer School “Systems Genetics of Neural Ageing”, Frauenchiemsee, Germany

2017 - Organiser (with Rudi Balling, Gerd Kempermann and Robert W Williams) of the Summer School “Systems Genetics of Neurodegeneration”, Frauenchiemsee, Germany

2012, 2014, 2016 - Organiser (with Gerd Kempermann) of the educational workshop series “Route28 Summits in Neurobiology”, Frauenchiemsee, Germany

2013 - Organiser (with Alexander Heimel and Robert W Williams) of the educational workshop “INCF Short Course on Neuroinformatics, Neurogenomics and Brain Disease”, Frauenchiemsee, Germany

2009 - Organiser (with Gerd Kempermann) of the 11th Annual Meeting of the International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society, Dresden, Germany

Web projects
I have established and manage several web-based resources.

COVIDminer is a text mining resource that automatically extracts molecular interactions from the literature about SARS-CoV-2 and related viruses. This is part of a larger consortial project to create executable pathway diagrammes to aid research into COVID-19.

NeurogenesisMiner is a text mining resource that extracts molecular interactions from the literature on adult neurogenesis.

The Mammalian Adult Neurogenesis Gene Ontology (MANGO) is a database and API containing information about all genes influencing adult hippocampal neurogenesis.

The website for the summer school series Systems Genetics in Neuroscience also contains useful resources for learning about, and working with, systems genetics in neuroscience research.

My work in bioinformatics often requires me to write pieces of software to complement what is already available. Some of these resources are polished enough that they might be useful to others. The software resources page contains links to these. Most of them have been described in more detail in my blog.